Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Mission Statement

The American Dream is a let down! A Leave it to Beaver Childhood, a College education, a Career, A wife that resents you for working to much, 2 1\2 children that you hardly know, nice friends you don’t know, and a nice house full of toys… just what I always wanted! Or is it?
Don’t get me wrong, I don’t claim to know all (or any) of the answers. The point of this blog is simply to help facilitate the search. I want to know the cure for the common life. The mission, the goal of this is to simply explore the things we buy into that cause us to live the common life. This may sound like a lame attempt at inspiration. That is not what I am going for. I simply want to explore the physical, mental, spiritual, emotional and yes even political things we as people do that don’t work. The definition of insanity is repeating the same behavior and expecting different results. If your life is common and you want it to change…Well… maybe do something different.


moofruot said...

It's funny, I find myself thinking, "At least he has a pre-set 'dream' to follow". OK, so it's an idealistic sort of mundane fabrication, but I'm all about the idealism.

I'm not, however, about following a certain way of living just beacuse it's accepted, socially or otherwise. You're absolutely right: there has to be something different out there, something you can call your own, and something that doesn't involve keeping-up-with-the-benjamins or discussing the latest "reality" show with the epidemically-spreading, uninteresting and thought-deprived, popular-media-saturated souls that both our countries have seemed to produce over the 20th century. I almost feel sometimes like we're all destined to fall in line, and suck it up, and accept the world the way it is... or die some painful death trying to break out of it. But as long as there's more than one person who feels the same as me, I feel some kind of hope.

The Cure said...
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The Cure said...

I for one choose death rather then falling into line. I think falling into line is death. I know what you are talking about though... it is a battle. I wrote about it in my journal a few weeks ago.

What is it deep inside me?
A hole, a need, my very soul
Longs to be filled, focused,
Impassioned, forgotten, freed... Something?

Why is it sometimes I long to be free of desire more then fighting for purpose? I have resorted to watching a movie of passion to feel passion, to watching life but never living it. If there were ever a walking dead I am it. To feel is to know that I lack

I am lost in lifeless pastimes and distractions, desires left unmet, passions and battles left unfought. I want a warrior’s heart, courage and honor, a will to fight through, a weakness to know my need.
Anyway, I just wanted to encourage you… Don’t fall into line, it’s hard but I am convinced it is worth it.

"AG" said...

"I want to know the cure for the common life."

I see living a common life as the cure. ;) I don't mean living like a sheep and watching reality TV shoving your face with fast food- not that. I mean living the basics.

If this interests you, you can buy my book that may or may not ever get written and published. :)

Anonymous Poet said...

Hi. I have a poem called "The Meaning of Life" at my site. Maybe it might give you insight into achieving the goal of your mission statement. Feel free to stop by any time.

Golf Grouch said...
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Anonymous said...

I live the common life and find a great comfort doing so. I don't beleive running from one activity to another, from one adrenaline rush to another is living life. Sharing lifes tradgidies and triumphs with your family is life. More tradgedy then triumphs? Probably if you are "human" the the answer is yes. There is nothing horrible about discussing Reality TV with those in your circle of friends its just entertainment your own life will bring you back to real "Reality" so i say take a breather from such serious thinking about life and poke fun at the goof balls trying to win a million bucks. The cure for the common life is to enjoy what life you have because it won't last long. then what?