Thursday, June 04, 2009

Top Ten signs you will probably get declined for credit…

10. Hint: Huh… what do you mean… and all of the above are not acceptable answers to the question “What is your household income”.

9. Just because you made one current Credit card payment since your Bankruptcy does not mean banks are ready to give you multiple lines of credit.

8. Ironically, you’re mathmatical odds for getting approved for monthly payments actually goes up if you can actually say the word “monthly”… I know it seems weird, but saying “munley” has been tied to lower approval ratings.

7. Unfortunately, if your house is in foreclosure the bank is unlikely to give you a line of credit to buy a computer to look for a job… Some would call it a catch 22… and some would call it common sense.

6. If you are unable to tell the bank the correct state you live in… you will get declined. I had somebody tell me they lived in Muncie, Idaho… When in fact it is Muncie, Indiana… Fraud applicants make me laugh. IF you are going to try to commit fraud… do your homework.

5. I know it is age discrimination but you do in fact have to be over 18 to apply for Credit and get approved… If you are a mature 13 year old that wants a gaming PC… you will still get declined.

4. If you require a cosigner for a $400 dollar purchase…Decline… you get cosigners for your house, car and boat… not a printer.

3. If you start out by telling the application handler that you have really bad credit… Decline!

2. If you start out by telling the application handler “Lets just go ahead and try it”. This is a statement used when trying Sushi or Snails for the first time; this is not a statement that is linked to someone typically in good financial standing.

1. IF you start out by saying, “I am pretty sure I will get declined”… YOU WILL… don’t waste your time and hurt your score even more.

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