Saturday, June 20, 2009

Unraveling The Myth of Conservatism

This will be a three or four part post...
I am going to attempt to do something that I have never personally seen a Republican do or at least do a very good job at. I am going to play the role of an apologist. However I will be one for all of the “not Republicans” that are out there. An apologist is someone who makes a speech or defense of a belief or idea. I am going to have to cover a pretty wide array of subjects but I will try to give you facts followed by some pretty basic reasoning. I am all together tired of claims that are as over the top and unfounded as they are sensational and ridiculous. A little example is the fact that gun owners say that Democrats want to take away their freedom and right to bear ALL arms yet the biggest infringement on their freedom in the last 200 years was the Patriot Act that was brought about by George W Bush. I guess that any right to privacy and the ability for the government to search and cease things without a warrant is not a right they think is necessary to have “pried out of their cold dead fingers”. Finally one fact I want to stress, I am not an apologist for Democrats, I am simply one that hates almost everything that Republicans really stand for… I am an apologist for the “Not Republicans” or anybody that would say “Anything but a true cold hearted republican”.

To build a foundation we must go way back and look at the roots of the so called “Moral Majority”. On the course of attempting to unravel the myth that is called Republican Conservatism a good place to start is the founding of our fine country. Contrary to popular conservative rhetoric our country was not founded by godly men on godly principles. This whole false concept that our country was founded on godly principles is used to justify banning Gay marriage, it is used to justify our unshakable support of Israel and in the past it was used to justify the slaughter of millions and millions of Native Americans in a popularized concept called Manifest Destiny. Manifest Destiny was the idea that God put the white Europeans on the North American mainland to conquer the Indians and bring civilization and possibly salvation to them. The idea was spread by pastors, politicians and community leaders. It was God’s will for white dominance and the building of a great country from coast to coast no mater what stood in the way. These men that preached this from the pulpit were only one generation removed from our revered Forefathers.

Our Forefathers were hardly a shinning bunch of Christians, now don’t get me wrong, they could talk the talk, but so could everyone back then. It was a crime to work on Sundays, if you didn’t go to church you were a social outcast no better than the drunks and whores. Have you ever read the Scarlet Letter or studied the Salem Witch trials… these were the times our Forefathers lived in. If they had not mixed in some religious rhetoric into the Declaration of Independence nobody would have even listened to them. At this point in out country Religion, in many cases was not practiced… it was a staunch ever present norm that was not allowed to be ignored. Lets take a look at Thomas Jefferson, the revered primary writer of the Declaration of Independence, that so skillfully created the sentence that said, “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights, that among these are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.” Thomas Jefferson was a slave owner that was extremely racist and in no way considered African Americans a race capable of anything more than manual labor, however, this nor his religion stopped him from illegitimately fathering multiple children through a slave he owned named Sally Hemmings. These children of course also became slaves. Jefferson enslaved his own children and wrote about God given “inalienable rights”. By the way, DNA test were done to confirm this at the University of Leicester in 1998 by a Dr Eugene A. Foster. Jefferson was not the lone bad boy, Benjamin Franklin had many mistresses, he even wrote a letter entitled “Advice on the choice of a mistress” in it he does recommend marriage but he says if that is not fitting to go after older women and then proceeds to list eight reasons why they are more satisfying. There are many more racy relations to site but how about we look at the subject of liberty… did you know that fully a third of the signers of the Declaration were slave owners. Finally even the revered George Washington, the God fearing man that God protected from bullets (I was told as a child) is accused of having an affair and fathering a slave child. Almost all evidence points to this. It cannot be proven however, because the parties involved that have access to George Washington’s DNA will not allow testing to take place. If our Forefathers can be called godly than Bill Clinton is a saint, at least he didn’t have slaves.

Our country was not founded on godly principles; it was founded on greed and capitalism. Our country was run on the same principles that Ancient Athens was run on. This system consisted of taking advantage of the weak (slaves and Indians, latter on it was new immigrants) and building personal wealth; and it worked! It worked better than it had anywhere else in the world because it was a resource rich country with thousands of miles of land to acquire by whatever means necessary. We were worse than the Roman Empire, in many cases the Romans at least allowed the conquered people to live normal lives; they just had to pay tribute to Cesar. Our country’s beginning was much darker… It was a genocide 100 times larger than the holocaust. I say all of this to get this conversation off on the right foot; do not feed me lines and justifications about a godly nation and godly founding. If you still believe this you need to become a better student of history. This country has been about the freedom to accrue wealth by whatever means necessary from day one and not much has changed. The “Moral Majorities” storied history is but a lie, simply propaganda like some much more that they have to offer.


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